Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Google Search

A kitten named Google lives in a cage at Petco. One day, we took him out in his leash. BUT THEN HE GOT OUT AND STARTED RUNNING AWAY. We had to search for the mischevious kitten, Google. Its a Google search! Finally, a dude with a orange beard found him.

Mom here now.  Well... my son handled all this very well.  Me on the other hand I kind of freaked out!!!  So thankful for Jesus calming me!  And my hubby too.  I emailed our helper (Alex) and she said, "It has happened to everyone one time or another."  Another helper, Janice I think is her name, is coming on Thursday to show me how to PROPERLY put the harnesses on the kittens.

This job is full of uncertainty!!!  But so thankful for the opportunity.

Here is the website for PAAW with many adopted kittens.. and CATS that need to be adopted.  Click HERE

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